Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tests Don't Lie, Do They?

Just took the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI), contains questions related to 60 traits (Bem, 1976).  Thanks to Callie's Chronicles (  As Callie stated "Twenty of the traits are stereotypically feminine, twenty are stereotypically masculine and twenty are neutral, filler items. Respondents rate the degree to which they feel each trait applies to them. After the test is scored, a respondent could be rated as sex-typed, sex-reversed, androgynous or undifferentiated. A sex-typed individual would be one who's psychological gender matches their physical sex. A sex-reversed individual would be the opposite: a person whose psychological gender is the opposite of their physical sex. An androgynous individual scores at the midpoint or above as possessing both masculine and feminine traits. An undifferentiated individual scores below the midpoint on both masculine and feminine traits."

My scores were: 53.333 Masculine, 75.000 Feminine, 63.333 Androgynous